Winterpaw Masc Canine Hoodie (VRChat)

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A hoodie for Julia Winterpaw's Masc Canine avatar. You can get the avatar here:


In order to make one-click setup work, this package uses VRCFury. Open this link and follow the setup instructions:

Important: Make sure your VRChat SDK is updated! VRCFury requires the latest VRChat SDK to function.

How to add the hoodie to your avatar

  1. Import the package

    Simply double click the package, or go to Assets -> Import Package... -> Custom Package select the file. Once the import dialog pops up, click Import again.
  2. Drag the "Hoodie Prefab" into the scene

    Locate the "Hoodie" directory in the Project tab, within you'll find a "Hoodie Prefab" object. Click and drag it onto the main Avatar object in your Hierarchy. It should be a direct child of the object.

    Once the prefab has been put in the correct place, it should show up on your avatar in the Scene view.

    The package includes a script that will automatically setup bone constraints to link it to the movement of your avatar. No manual setup should be necessary.
  3. IMPORTANT: Check "Is Animated" for the "HairBones" Physbones object!This makes it so the hair gets squished down a bit when the hood is up.
  4. Optional: Disable "Hoodie" child object

    Disabling this object will hide the hoodie from the avatar when you select it or when you are calibrating. Do not disable the "Hoodie Prefab" object itself as the hoodie will not work anymore then.
  5. Optional: Body customization

    Hair or feathers that come with the base avatar get hidden automatically by adjusting the blendshapes on the Body object.

    If your avatar has additional hair or feathers, they should be adjusted whenever the hoodie is enabled or the hood is up.

    An example animation controller is included in the 'Hoodie\Animations' directory.

    You can use VRCFury to automatically merge it into your avatar's animation controller.

    Add the VRCFury component to the avatar alongside your avatar descriptor. Click the main object of your avatar. In the Inspector, scroll all the way down, past the avatar descriptor, and click "Add Component". Type "VRC Fury" and add the component. Click the little + to add a new "prop" and select "Full Controller". Pick "Hoodie FX Custom" for the "Controller" field and add the parameter "MHoodie" and "MHoodUp" as a global parameter. See the prefab "Hoodie Body Customization (Example)" for an example.

    Next, scroll all the way up again and locate the "Animator" component. In the "Controller" field, also select the "Hoodie FX Custom" controller. Now you can open the "Animation" panel and record your animations for "Hoodie Body Customization" and "Hood up Body Customization".
  6. Build & Test

    VRCFury will automatically add a new menu entry and you'll be able to toggle the hoodie on and off there. Test it in game and see if it works.

    The hoodie strings should flop around but not clip into the chest, the hood should animate smoothly when it's put up. Make a fist gesture and move your hand from your back to the top of your head or vice versa, the hood should toggle as well.

    Once you are certain everything works, you can publish your avatar.


If you run into any issues, try these steps to resolve the problem:

  • Hoodie Design slider doesn't work:Poiyomi 8 is required for the included designs to work. Visit and then download and imoprt the package.
  • Everything is broken:

    Try to start fresh. Remove the "Hoodie Prefab" object from your avatar, then click and drag it onto your main avatar object again, as described in the instructions above. Do not "Unpack Prefab" and leave it as it is.

How to change the color or design

Several materials are included in the package and provide different levels of customization.

All materials use the "hoodie white" texture as a base and layer their color on top.

  1. Standard shader (default)

    This shader is only capable of applying a solid color all over the hoodie. Changing the color is simple however, click the "Default-Standard" material, locate the "Albedo" setting and choose a different color.
  2. Poiyomi shaders

    Two Poiyomi materials are included, one for Poiyomi 7 and one for Poiyomi 8.

    Visit and then download and imoprt the package before trying to customize the material.

    With Poiyomi you can accomplish more complex designs. A number of designs are included in the Textures directory.

    To start using a Poiyomi shader, click and drag the material from the Project panel onto the hoodie in the Scene view.

    To customize the design, click the material in the Project view, unlock the shader if necessary in the Inspector, then find the "Decals" settings in the shader options.

    They are located in Main -> Deacls -> Decal 0.

    A "Decal" texture is set by default, click and drag a different texture into the little square next to where it says "Decal" to change the design.

    To create a custom design, you can use the included "UV Layout" file to draw it in a 2D drawing program, or you can use the included Blender file and use the Texture Paint mode to draw a new design. How to do that is beyond the scope of this readme however.

The original mesh and textures are based on the VRoid hoodie model.

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Winterpaw Masc Canine Hoodie (VRChat)

36 ratings
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